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Network Design

Hi Experts,

Need an suggestion from you for setting up this connectivity.

We have provided 8 Mbps of MET link to one of our vendor.Now the vendor has to access our servers which will be in different ip subnets ie., in 172.17.4.x,172.17.5.x,172.17.14.x....

The problem is vendors also will be using the same series of subnet in their network ie., connected to their branch office locations. I cant change my server zone subnet and the same for vendors also. So we have provided a free subnet from our network ,where the vendor will not be using by vendors also by static natting on my router. currently it is working fine. But there are more servers to be access from the vendor location and I doubt that will impact my router performance.

Please suggest the best way to design this network.

FYI, My router model is 7206vxr and the vendor terminated link on 1841 router.

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Re: Network Design

If you can solve your problem with NAT, it doesn't really make a difference if you have to do it for 1, 10 or 100 servers.

Try to optimize the NAT ACL and that's it.

Note: 7206 is just a chassis. You need to specify which NPE you have.

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Re: Network Design


Each NAT entry uses approx 160 bytes. So you can work out how many NAT entries you need and what the memory requirements will be.

As Paolo says NAT is the correct solution and a 7200 should be able to handle the load you describe.


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