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Network issue

I am the network administartor of my company (bank). Of resent, we noticed something strange on the network. All ATM will be reachable through ping, but that application on it wont work, then after some time, ithe application will work again. At times it wont be pingable, after a while it will be fine. We are using 2 6509 VSS switches, so cpu utilization is fine. Please help resolve this issue, as the bank is loosing money. could it be tcp connection related , pls help out.


Re: Network issue


First I would recommend putting in am TAC case on this based upon the time and the sensitivityof your business. Here are a few suggestions that may help find a network issue.

Are you noticing any certain events prior to the ATM's becoming unreachable?

How are you monitoring the ATM availability?

Are there any trends you may be seeing such as ATM's going down for exactly one minute or going down at the same time everyday?

Circuit errors connecting to ATM?

Are there any logs that the ATM can provide that shows that this a network issue?

I see that you speculate that it may be TCP related. Have you ran a sniffer capture and found anything out of the ordinary?



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Re: Network issue

Mark, thanks for the quick responce, below are the answers

No visble sign before going unreachable.

We are monitoring the availability with Solar wind orion and whatups gold

the going down is not periodic.

I have not used a sniffer, btu i will appreciate if you can advise on that.

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