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Network speed and interface queue


We have been facing a slow LAN network access even after upgrading our lan to gigabit 3560 switches. All servers( VMWare ) are getting connected to 1000 mbps as expected due to auto negotiate setting on each interface. To identify the slow access problem I have checked all the interfaces for utilization and if there are any queues of pending frames. There are not queues in any of the interfaces, no input errors and no CRC errors on any of the interfaces. Server switch connected to another switch by 1 gbps link and utilization of that link is Rx 3 / 255 and Tx 3 / 255. I checked the 5 min input data rate and it is not going more tha 10 mbps. In a nut shell it seems that there is no network traffic that is causing the delay in accessing the servers. Or second argument is, there is traffic but network is not able to forward it to differen hosts.

I am struck in the identifying the problem whether a network related issue

or it is a VMWare server related issue.

Not able to apply "theory of elimination"

to track or pin point the issue.

Please share the experience?

Any particular experience with VMWare servers?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Network speed and interface queue

Mirror to a port with wireshark and snoop a session.

It will show you right away if there are TCP retransmission, missing packets, or any other anomaly.

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