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Network Speeds

I have a generic question on speeds and calculations. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but i'm sure we have some WAN people on here who understand this stuff 100X more than I do.

I always thought that a kilobyte/megabyte/gigabyte was only used to define storage space.

When downloading/uploading, when the speeds are shown, doesn't the mb/kb represent megabit and kilobit??

For example, when downloading a file and it's showing 500kb/s, isn't the operation really downloading at 62.5 kilobytes per second b/c 500 Kilobits = 62.5 Kilotbytes....

I have a download application which shows 500KB/s in caps. I believe this represent kilobytes b/c it also shows the downloaded and remaining amount with "Kilobytes" displaying.

Here is a screenshot of exactly what i'm talking about above:

Am I incorrect on anything I explained above? Is the above app actually downloading in kilobytes...?

Thanks all

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Re: Network Speeds

Whenever you see KBps it means KiloBytes, when you see Kbps, it means KiloBits.

When you download something, you are downloading data hence the measurement must be in bytes, not bits.

Your screenshot is saying your download speed is 485 KiloBytes which is roughly 3.9Mbits

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Re: Network Speeds

Thank You very much!

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