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New SB complete service gateway


I'm managing to buy a new gateway for a small remote office and I'm lost in the forest of your beatiful product, but i can't the product wich fits all my needs.

Here are my requirements:

1) Analog wan port for internet connection throught public ISP (ev. also ethernet port for wan)

     On wan port i should have 2 to 5 ssl vpn tunnel and/or pptp possibility: the real need is to connect both macbook, iphones, linux and android 2.3.x clients

     The possibility to use dyndns o similar is a must (dinamic ip from provider at the moment)

2) 4 gigabit ether internal lan port (also 8 are a plus always GB)

     MTU at 9000

     At least 8 vlan available (4 GB switch connected on every lan port)

3) dual band wifi connectivity a/b/g/n or similar

     wps possible

I find a couple of models that don't fit all that requirements or is not clear if they did it:

1)  RV220W but it have not the analog wan port

2) SRP547W but i didn't understand if it can use jumbo frame and also i didn't understand the wireless performance

I know i'm asking to much for a single device, but i have to cut costs and give services.

Also in this way i have a single device to manage that should be replicated with a hot spare, useful for a site without technical people onsite.

Sorry for my bad nightly english and thanks for your help.


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