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I've had no experience with Cisco Routers so pardon my ignorance. I'm attempting to add a network address translation to my router so that traffic to a certain IP will go to my firewall. When I do a "show running-config" I see where all my other NATS are setup. They appear under the "classless" heading. What is the process that I have to go through to add an entry to the running configuration?


Re: New to Cisco

you may have something as follows for your existing NAT statements --

ip nat inside source static (or the likes; perhaps a many to one with the overload statement as well)

you could type in what you already see but change the ip addresses where applicable, or if you like, provide the protocol(s) you want to use and we can provide an example.

see the following guide for more NAT config info:

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Re: New to Cisco

I was probably just going to use what was already in the configuration as an example. I just need to know how to add the statements to the configuration. I'm not understanding what the process is to add lines to the running configuration.

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