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new to networking

Hello all,

Here is new one to networking, and need help to do the following:

* I have cisco 2801 router and PIX 515E , both with passwords and the one who was configuring them no longer available so I need easy step by step to:

1- Restore them to factory default settings.

2- Install Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) for each of them as I can configure and manage them using web-based.

Please provide me with steps and softwares I need to download and URLs where can I got them.


Re: new to networking

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Re: new to networking


for the second question

to access SDM on router do the following:

ip http server

ip http secure-server

ip http authentication local

username privilege 15 password 0

line vty 0 4

privilege level 15

login local

transport input telnet

transport input telnet ssh

for PIX, I think you meant ASDM :

http server enable

http x.x.x.x Outer (OUTER:it is interface name that x.x.x.x can access the pix from it)

then you access it




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Re: new to networking

thanks alot all,

you helped me to know how to recover password and also to know how to install SDM and ASDM but how about restore both devices to factory settings.!!

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Re: new to networking

Hi again

find the following link to restore router to factory default settings

for the pix you can resore it by :

clear config all


write erase

then reload the pix

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Re: new to networking

OK sirs,

my requirements are

1- Password recovery for router 2801 and PIX 515E.

2- Back-up current configurations on computer.

3- Restore router and PIX to factory settings.

4- Configuring web-based SDM and ASDM

5- Configure basic requirements for network routing and security.

so my problem is how to select lastest required software and how to download it my username and password on cisco dosen't help with that.I cannot get paid services right now.while i have to do these tasks.

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