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Ask the Expert- configuration and troubleshoot WSA and https proxy

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Newbie Requires Cisco 800 Series Help

Hi there,

I've been working with my Cisco 800 Series router to try to allow access to an internal camera viewing server, and also a few IP cameras.

I have added the ip nat inside source static lines into the config, and also the permits to the access list.

Is there something I could have missed?

Outside address is

Internal IP addresses rqd are:

Many thanks I would appreciate any help

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Re: Newbie Requires Cisco 800 Series Help

jaikaiman -

I would recommend blanking out your passwords and public IP address on this config.

The first thing I would do is move your access-lists from your ATM0 interface to your dialer interface. Your inbound access list also doesn't allow access to the public IP addresses for the camera, I think you may want to move the statements that reference the camera access from 106 to the 107 ACL.

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Re: Newbie Requires Cisco 800 Series Help

Hi mlitka, thanks for replying so rapidly...

So, am I right in saying the atm0 should now read:

interface ATM0

no ip address

no ip access-group 107 in

no ip access-group 106 out

no ip redirects

and the ip access-group statements should be added to the dialer1 interface.

I understand the move of ip addresses from 106 to 107, but I do not understand in which part I change the inbound ACL to allow for the public ip addresses.

Many thanks again...

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