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New Member

Nexus 7000 - Adjacency table exhausted

Hi Experts,

Please give us some suggestions. I'm running a couple N7K as campus's core. Separate two LC on each box to TWO VDC e.g. Backbone & Wireless VDC. Wireless VPC is paring to 4 WLC, 2 links each. Between N7K and WLC running in layer 2 mode. We serve both IPv4 & IPv6.


Problem is one day on last week, the first day of university's semester. The N7K goes corrupt. After along while troubleshooting we found that due to this logs

N7K1 %IPFIB-SLOT4-4-CLP_FIB_ADJ_EXHAUSTED: Adjacency allocation failed on instance 6


We have tested for how adjacency table being accumulated. Then we found the following captured picture.


What I did wrong? It seem like N7K F2e Line-card be able to hold only 10,000+ MAC address (host)?


Please give us some suggestions.

Nipat CCIE#29422


New Member

The F2e cards can only

The F2e cards can only support 16K MAC addresses per SoC (Switch on a Chip) and a total of 16K ARP entries total.  The command "show hardware capacity forwarding" will show you the complete picture for layer 2.   That's why we now have 7706s with F3 cards.

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