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New Member

NHRP problem (Cisco 881)


I want to build a DMVPN with the possibility of creating dynamic tunnels between spokes.

Configuration of the spoke:

interface Tunnel0

description *** MULTIPOINT GRE ***

ip address

no ip redirects

ip mtu 1400

ip nhrp authentication LsP-DMV

ip nhrp map x.x.x.x (//HUB)

ip nhrp map multicast

ip nhrp network-id 9999

ip nhrp holdtime 300

ip nhrp nhs

ip ospf network broadcast

ip ospf priority 0

tunnel source FastEthernet4

tunnel mode gre multipoint

tunnel key 100

tunnel protection ipsec profile DMVPN

when I traceroute another spoke the IPSec tunnel is being created, but the traceroute goes through the Hub.

Result of ip nhrp map on via

Tunnel0 created 00:02:28, expire 00:01:33

Type: dynamic, Flags: router

NBMA address: x.x.x.x (//HUB)

(Claimed NBMA address: y.y.y.y (//SPOKE))

I believe that it behaves like that because NBMA address is different from Claimed NMBA address. What is interesting that when I traceroute from (where I have 1812 router) it goes directly to (so behaves correctly). So I believe that the problem could be with Cisco 881 (the same configuration among 1812s is working good). Any hints how to run it on 881? Thanks!

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Re: NHRP problem (Cisco 881)

Hello Mariusz,

I remember the first time I tried dynamic spoke to spoke that to trigger the setup of the dynamictunnel I needed to perform

an extended ping using as source the internal LAN and destination a remote LAN spoke

try in this way and then check with

sh crpyto ipsec sa

if you see the new entry to the spoke

as well as a new entry in the sh ip nhrp

Hope to help


New Member

Re: NHRP problem (Cisco 881)

Thanks for the message Giuseppe! I am doing an extended ping from the beginning but with no success (i.e. I get !!!!! but the communication goes through the hub, no directly to the second spoke).

Still, a new tunnel between spokes is created correctly (isakmp shows QM_IDLE; ipsec inbound/outbound esp sas: ACTIVE, no packets are encapsulated/decapsulated). About NHRP I get the results presented in my first message.

In 1812 it is working correctly and I believe the problem is probably connected directly with 881(C880DATA-UNIVERSALK9-M). Anyone did such configuration on this platform? Thanks!

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Re: NHRP problem (Cisco 881)

Hello Mariusz,

you mean that if you start the extended ping from the 1812 spoke the dynamic tunnel is used for carrying traffic ?

if so you may consider an IOS upgrade.

I have no direct experience with 881 as a spoke but I had seen limited support on old IOS code on a C7200 that wasn't able to act as NHRP server.

try to see

Hope to help


New Member

Re: NHRP problem (Cisco 881)


I have checked in feature navigator (looking for NHRP) and got a result that my current image (c880data-universalk9-mz.124-20.T1.bin) supports it. Indeed, it correctly works as a spoke in nhrp-hub-spoke topology.

In addition, when I traceroute from spoke-1812 to spoke-881, direct ipsec tunnel between them is used. When I traceroute from spoke-881 to spoke-1812 it goes through the hub. It is kind of weird and I am wondering what can be a issue... maybe 881 does not fully support direct spoke-to-spoke tunnels, maybe additional configuration is needed (sh ip nhrp gives me some suspections but... really don't know what is going on)