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NME-X-23ES-1G etherswitch module

I am using several of these modules in my network. The question I have is regardless of what slot this module resides in in a 3845 router, the fastethernet ports continue to report their position as fe1/0/2, 1/0/3 etc.

I would expect these modules to take on the characteristics of the slot that they reside in. And by that I would expect to see the fe locations reflect the slot they are installed in.

If the module is in slot 2, in my mind the fe ports should reflect this ex. fe2/0/2, 2/0/3. etc.

I even place two of these modules in slots 2 and 4 in a respective 3845. Both modules report their ports as fe1/0/2, 1/0/3 and on from there.

Anyone else notice this?

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Re: NME-X-23ES-1G etherswitch module

Hello Allen,

this comes from the fact that this module is running its own standalone IOS image as you can check in table 6 here

there is a line that says IOS image for module

and another one minimum IOS version for the host router.

Other older etherswitch modules are configured from the router console and in that case they might inherit the router slot number.

(I've used but I don't remember if they did).

In other threads the building of a stack of these modules has been reported see lan switching config guide using the GE ports

in that case if successful you should get ports 1/0/x and 2/0/y

Hope to help


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