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not able to ping to other vlans

not able to ping to other vlans


Posted by WebUser Harshal Singhal from Cisco Support Community App

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Re: not able to ping to other vlans

Harshal, can you provide more details like config, show ip interface brief, routing table, ping source and destination?!!

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Re: not able to ping to other vlans

Harshal Singhal

   This can be caused by two issues. First insure that your vlans are defined on each switch from source to destination. Also check to insure that you are not filtering VLAN's on trunk interface with the allowed vlan cmd. Second ensure the that your default gateway on the machine your are using is correct. It sould be in the same IP subnet your client machine is in. Example: Machine IP the Default might be

Second your layer 3 device should have an Interface Vlan # with the default gateway IP address. This allow your Layer 3 device to receive traffic with a destination to another network.

One last thing to check, look at access-list that can prevent ICMP (Ping). This is usually found on your Layer 3 device.

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