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Not getting BGP Updates

My problem is two fold; the first is that on my primary & secondary (internet) routers I'm running HSRP t. We track the FE interface but on the primary router the FE is connected to a passive switch and then our vendor takes the link to Sprint. When the connection between our vendor and Sprint is loss we loss the BGP protocol but the connection between our router and the passive switch stays up/up. Consequently my internal traffic does not know where to go, which brings me to part-2.

On the primary router I'm not getting the iBGP updates from the secondary router. If I clear the BGP neighbor connection between the two routers I get the updates for about 30+ second but they then disappear. When both ISP circuits are up and normal, the secondary router received the BGP updates from the primary router but the primary only get the updates for 20secs.

My questions are (1) is there a way for me to track the loss of the BGP neighbor connection and (2) what am I doing wrong in my config that is not allowing my primary router to keep the BGP updates from the secondary router. See sample configs.

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Re: Not getting BGP Updates

Hello William,

1) you can try icmp reachability of eBGP next-hop using object tracking and then HSRP will use the tracked object

see for example

2) I don't see any error in your BGP config each router should use its eBGP paths.

Check in your secondary router if it keeps the eBGP routes.

You could enforce the secondary on keeping the eBGP paths by using

neigh yyy weight 400000

where yyy is the uunet eBGP neighbor but this should happen by default. (eBGP preferred over iBGP paths)

Hope to help


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Re: Not getting BGP Updates

As to 2): how are your two routers interconnected and how is the interconnection routed? Are they directly connected? I wonder whether we have an issue with a recursive BGP peer route. You use the network for the iBGP connection, and you also advertize the network via BGP. The route to a BGP peer can not be learned via BGP; if this is the case, the BGP peering will be torn down. You could - to test this - remove the network statement from BGP, as you should provide the routing for the iBGP peering via an IGP (static/connected/IGP) anyway.

HTH, Thomas

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Re: Not getting BGP Updates

Thanks for your input. The routers are directly connected via x-cover cable and i have the same issue with or without the network statment. also I hav no IGP running between the two routers. I have not problem seeing the routes from the primary on the the secondary, the problem on the reverse.

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