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Nothing appear for ACL Debug!

Hi Experts

i have 3 access-list configured IN | Out  on my Border router (MARTIAN) ,i have to look which one block some of  the traffic passing through ,for that matter i have enabled the below commands on my ISR 2900: with nothing output....

logging on

debug ip packet

term me

i have not see any output,even though they have generated traffic!!!


Re: Nothing appear for ACL Debug!

@ Ibrahim Jamil

If the traffic is passing through the device and not originating or terminating at the device then please use:

In Interface mode:

R(config-if)#no ip route-cache

Also check if you have enabled "debug level" logging by using

R#show logging

this will disable cef on that interface. By default all the traversing traffic is cef switched. Please re-enable once this debugs have been disabled. If you are doing this in production this might overwhelm the router.

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Nothing appear for ACL Debug!

The debug ip packet command is useful for  analyzing the messages traveling between the local and remote hosts.

IP  packet debugging captures the packets that are process switched including received, generated and forwarded packets.

IP packets that are  switched in the fast path are not captured.

Nothing appear for ACL Debug!

Hi Ibrahim,

You can add this entry "deny ip any any log" at the end of your three access-lists.e.g.

#ip access-list extended xxxx

#999 deny ip any any log     ->999 is the sequence number, should be the last entry

Then run the show ip  access-list command to see in which of the three access-lists the (last) deny entry captures packets (hits number increases)

You can see these packets by checking the log (show logging ).

Attention, if you do not need to log the denied packets do not use the log command at the end of the deny ip any any entry.

If several packets are denied, could may affect the performance of your 2900 router.

Hope that helps!


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