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NTP configuration in the Switch


I have configured one of my layer-2 Switcg (2950-T)to get time synchronized from NTP server. I have configured the Switch with NTP server x.x.x.x . Afer configuring , when I see the show ntp stat , it gives below status .

CHN-2950T-L2-3#sh ntp stat

Clock is unsynchronized, stratum 16, no reference clock

nominal freq is 190.7348 Hz, actual freq is 190.7348 Hz, precision is 2**17

reference time is 00000000.00000000 (05:30:00.000 GMT Mon Jan 1 1900)

clock offset is 0.0000 msec, root delay is 0.00 msec

root dispersion is 0.00 msec, peer dispersion is 0.00 msec




Community Member

Re: NTP configuration in the Switch

Some steps you might try to help you resolve this.

1. Make sure that configured NTP server is reachable by pinging the server

IP address(es).

2. Issue the command show ntp status on the server(s) to make sure that NTP server

has synched itself. If it is not synched, verify the server NTP configuration.

The show ntp status of the server should display a status of 'sync' before

clients can sync their clock with the server.

3. Verify that the 'stratum' value configured on the server is valid for your setup.

Configure a high stratum number to ensure that this router does not override

the clock on another system with a lower stratum number. The lower stratum number

indicates a more reliable clock.

4. If authentication is configured between the server and the client, make sure

that authentication-key number and md5 key value matches. Also, verify that

the command ntp server {server_address} key {key} is included in the client


5. Make sure that NTP packets are not blocked by the access-list statement.

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