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NTP server

I'm trying to desgin or select a cisco router to act as an NTP server for a customer network

The customer has more than 1500 server that will use the router as the ntp server. Is there any parameters that i have to put into consideration when selecting the router model

simply is 2811 will work?

any help would be truly apprecaited.

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Re: NTP server


The 2811 is certainly capable of acting as an NTP server for devices in your network.

The 2811 can give NTP time to the servers in the network. Do you have a plan for how will the 2811 learn NTP time?



Re: NTP server

Yes, 2811 is okay to become an NTP Server.

I recommend for you to sync it with stratum1 and stratum2 public NTP Servers. Minimum 1 each.

Stratum1 Public NTP Servers

Stratum2 Public NTP Server

Configuring Cisco Routers as NTP Server

Configuring Cisco Routers to sync with NTP Servers (stratum1 and stratum2)

Create ACL to permit only hosts to connect to your router TCP/UDP-123

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Re: NTP server

if my hosts number is 1500 server, is there any impact on the router cpu processor?

do i have to go to a bigger box 3800 series.

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