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OER and two default routes?

I have a customer that uses a "FatPipe" box, which takes two providers and balances sessions across them using some sort of metrics like latency, load, etc.

They would like to get rid of the box and use Cisco IOS technologies. I thought about using OER, but was not sure if you can in fact use OER with just two default routes.

Is it possible to use OER with two defaults and make path selection based on metrics like delay, load, etc? Or do I have to take in a partial set of routes and apply a policy to them for oer to work?

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Re: OER and two default routes?

I haven't tried OER with statics, but I believe it's supposed to even work with default routes. (So believe it will work with two default routes.)

OER doesn't need routes for its analysis, it can watch just port utilization and/or tracks individual hosts. (Shouldn't need to take any routes.)

Based on what it thinks, it injects more specific prefixes to redirect some traffic. You can define the criteria for its decision making. (Can be delay, load, etc.)


For the Internet usage, you'll probably want to avoid using either the "active" or "both" flow analysis modes which do, or can do, active probing.

The "passive" mode flow analysis rides a top of netflow, but it's blind to non-TCP.

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Re: OER and two default routes?


Thanks, so you are saying that we could even run the OER without BGP, and just have it watch interfaces?

I saw its "learn" mode, where it appeared it would see what top x destinations are being queried and then add them into its decision process, I will go searching for config examples of OER sans BGP.


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Re: OER and two default routes?

I believe that's correct, OER doesn't require BGP, it also supports statics.

Yes, I also believe, it can just watch interfaces for making load balancing decisions.

Learn mode supports delay and/or throughput, for your purpose, throughput top talkers might suffice.


OER is found within 12.3T or 12.4. The improved version, PfR, is found within 12.4T. Insure you're looking at the correct documentation.

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