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OER design

Hi all,

We currently have two sites (A and B) with a private 20Mbps link between sites. Our primary Internet pipe is located at site A (Pipe A). We do have a secondary pipe at site B (Pipe B). We're using EIGRP to redistribute routes, including static routes. In the current setup, the default route through Pipe A is pushed using EIGRP and whenever Pipe A goes down we alter that route to redirect traffic through Pipe B. We are seriously looking into OER to provide an automated way to alter routing when Pipe A goes down. Basically we would have two exits (Pipe A and Pipe B), in other words one OER Border router would be located behind each pipe to the Internet. So when Pipe A goes down (exit A) we need OER Border B to install a route through Pipe B in its routing table. We will then redistribute that route into EIGRP. Is this possible at all with Cisco OER. There is very little documentation online; has anyone done something similar?

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Simon Laurin

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Re: OER design

OER is good to reroute traffic if the link is taking errors, dropping packets or experiencing high latency... If you want to reroute traffic when a link fails there are less complex methods of rerouting the traffic.

I hope the attachment helps...

Re: OER design

Are you running EIGRP on the edge routers?

If yes then perhaps you can redistribute your default routes and alter the metrics so that one os always preferred than the other.



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