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OER/PfR Clarification


I was wondering if somebody could clear up some questions I have regarding OER/PfR.  I still have several "holes" in my understanding of the technology and can't find the answers.

1.  First of all, if an OER map is specified, unless options are explicitly configured, the default options under the general configuration are inherited, correct?

2.  If a OER map is defined, and "set mode monitor active" is specified (or configured under the general configuration), what happens if you don't have either an active probe or IP sla specified/configured for the traffic?  Is the portion of the map ignored?  Is it never acted upon because there is no "interesting" traffic that matches its criteria?

3.  I keep seeing configuration snippets that just don't make sense to me.  They have an OER-map configured that looks for, for example, DSCP EF, but has an active probe of just a standard ICMP echo to a remote IP within the OER map entry.  It seems like the probe may work, but the OER map entry is never matched because DSCP EF isn't specified.  Am I completely missing something?

Thanks in advance.  I am really hoping somebody can answer these questions...

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