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One Network & Two ISP , redundancy at WAN level


I have one network and connected with one ISP , now the client want to connect another ISP for redundancy but without changing anything in the LAN or Firewall. How can we do this. Actually I also dont know the configuration of the LAN & Firewall. Initially i have just provided the first ISP connection from my router to their setup, but now they want to redundancy of ISP. They are ready any minor changes of IP address but not the setup.How we can do this ? Can we buy any other router & plug two different ISP to one router & give the IP address of that router as gateway ? Please help




You sure can do it.  Can you

You sure can do it.  Can you show us the topology of what you have and what kind of equipment are you using?  There are multiple ways to do this depending on what the needs are. Below are couple of Cisco IWAN solution links.

You can also connect the two ISP's to the router setup IP SLA and tracking.  Create routes for each ISP and track one of them.  If it fails traffic will failover to the second one.  Something like this:

NOTE:  This is just a sample

ip sla 1

icmp-echo source-interface "whatever interface you specify"

frequency 5


ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now



track 999 ip sla 1 reachability


ip route x.x.x.x track 999

ip route y.y.y.y

ip route "primary ISP's default gateway"

You can also utilize Cisco Meraki Firewalls they can bet setup pretty quick.

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