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Oops ... Flash deleted

This weekend I have been working on new Cisco switches for our new office. Last night a series of storms came through our state and a a result power to our current office was lost for a few minutes. I was in the process of downloading the latest Flash revision to one of my switches when this happened.

I know there is probably a more secure way to do this but here is what I do to update flas on my switches.

Establish an IP connection from my laptop NIC.

Establish a Hyperterminal connection to the switch console.

Establish TFTP32 Service IP and directory.

Then I issue the following commands in Hyperterminal:

Format flash:

copy TFTP flash: (then provide all necessary information)

Well I was between commands when the power dropped ! So in effect I formated the Flash and rebooted the switch. Ahhhhhhh I am in uncharted territory, at least for me:)

Can any-one give me an idea of how to recover this switch. I have researched it quite a bit but every article I find assumes there is a running flash.

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Re: Oops ... Flash deleted

if you're standing in front of the switch, you can try

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Re: Oops ... Flash deleted

Thank you Jeff ..... this worked perfectly.

Re: Oops ... Flash deleted



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Oops ... Flash deleted

Do you have console access? If so you should be able to transfer an image to the switch via xmodem.  I did this recently as I didn't have enough space to upgrade, so formatted flash, and moved new image and all was good.  Check out this link:

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Oops ... Flash deleted

What model of switch?

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