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Ordering router for Japan


I am in the process of ordering a 3800 series router for Japan. I've never ordered internet connection out-of-US before. what are some of the concerns I should be addressing with Japan's ISP?

I also would like to know what WIC is appropriate for Japan's internet connection from my router, would ordering a T1 or T3 affect the type WIC is use?

Any advice is appreciated.


Re: Ordering router for Japan

You could always contact the ISP and ask them how they will provision the connection. I believe it will be in the form of an E1 connection. You could probably just get a channelized T1/E1 wic and be fine. Either way, you will still need to know if it is going to be provisioned as a frammed cicuit or unframmed so the settings will come from them; unless they are handing you ethernet. Hope this helps.

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Re: Ordering router for Japan

I believe US and Japan use the same standard as far circuit connectivity, you might want to talk to your local Cisco account team.

I am going through the same process for our new location in India. I am thinking ordering the hardware and have it ship directly from India.

Danny Tran

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