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OSPF Configuration assistance


I'm currently running OSPF on my WAN 3700 router in which I have GRE tunnels created between multiple branch offices. I'm also tunning OSPF on my inside core switch within each branch office. My interbusiness design is IPSEC/GRE mesh.

Now, I am in the process of deploying MPLS and I want to keep the OSPF mesh in tact to serve as my backup conduit to branch office if the remote office would fail..

Logic, send default traffic to MPLS router;

if no route, send to GRE router because traffic is either internet destined or remote location is down.

now, I want to disable OSPF on my LAN at all brance office but I need the GRE router that is connected to the core LAN switch to advertise the multiple LAN routes on the inside network. If I leave OSPF on the LAN switch configured, routing won't occur as I need it to happen. I need the MPLS router to e the single route decision maker.





Re: OSPF Configuration assistance

i am not sure i understand you requirment 100%

but fromm y understanding you want to diable ospf in LAN and Keep ospf runing between GRE tunenels routers only

if this is the case

just creat a static for eacu subnet/network in the lan point to to the correct next hope in the lan direction

then redistribute static route into ospf

if i misunderstnad your requirment please let me know what exactly you want

thank you and good luck

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Re: OSPF Configuration assistance


I did open a case not being sure I'd receive a repsponse, and you are correct. Your solution is what Cisco recommends. Howeverr, Cisco mentioned if I wanted to setup access list I can establish a standard ACL and mark interesting traffic. Not sure how I can use that option.

Thanks for replying!



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