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OSPF Database links

In an network running OSPF process in a single area is it possible to find out which router has which links and their costs. Can it be deciphered from ospf topology database. For example routers A,B,....I in a single area can I know any particular router and links connected to it.

Without telnetting to it.

Any particular is or similar command is highly appreciable

Thanx in advance


Re: OSPF Database links

Dear bapatsubodh,

If you use Show ip route ospf it gone show you all routes that learned from one OSPF neighbor so all this routes connected or behind that neighbor, also the same command output will show you the cost of each route in the tabel.

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Re: OSPF Database links

"show ip ospf database router " will give you the link and metric information for any router in the same area as the local router.

Hope this helps,

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Re: OSPF Database links

as per my knowledge ...

as each and every router in the area is having the total idea how each router is connected with each other as ospf running router maintain TOPOLOGY database and in topological database it will have the information of all the router whith in a same area as well as the information of you can find out the router as well as the link which u want from accessing any one routers topological database of that area....

you can use command "show ip ospf database"



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