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OSPF - Design Question

Hi All,

I am working on a design at the moment and would like to run it past you OSPF experts as its not a routing protocol I get to work with really.

The Scenario is I have a Primary Data Center and 8 Remote offices around the globe.  All of the locations have an ISP connection and an MPLS connection.  All the remote offices connect to the data center for services but they should also have the ability to connect to each other.  I am going to use a Hub and Spoke Topology for the VPNs and allow routing between locations.  I plan on having an IPSEC VPN between each office to the data center across both the MPLS network and backup via the ISP.  I plan on using OSPF for seemless failover if the primary link goes down.

My question is will I be OK to do all of this in one Area?  So Area0 for all of this?

Thanks a lot

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Re: OSPF - Design Question


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You might use just a single area.  What's you expected network stability?  If you expect instability, you might use one area per remote office (and area zero for DC) to mitigate topology flaps from other OSPF areas.

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