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ospf Incompatibility : CISCO versus NOKIA

Cisco 6509 is running v12.2(18) SXD6 and is sending hello packet with flag option set to 0X12 when GGSN NOKIA is sending hello packet with flag option set to 0X2.

The bit option that differs between Cisco and Nokia is the EA bit. It says that Cisco ios version supports ospf version 3 and that Nokia doesn't.

The problem is that Cisco is stuck in INIT state. Could it be that the Nokia is unable to interprete this bit option and reject hello messages from Cisco 6509?

The rfc regarding OSPF states that if the bit is unknown, the router should "ignore" it. But it seems that Nokia "rejects" it.

Any suggestion or comments would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help

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Re: ospf Incompatibility : CISCO versus NOKIA

Small comment... But no solution.

From RFC 2328:

When used in Hello packets, the Options field allows a router to reject a neighbor because of a capability mismatch.


This bit describes the router's willingness to receive and forward External-Attributes-LSAs



Cisco Employee

Re: ospf Incompatibility : CISCO versus NOKIA

This is because the Nokia ospf implementation doesn't support link local siganling (LLS). Simply configure "no capability lls" under the ospf process on the IOS side to solve this issue.

For more information on LLS, please refer to the following draft document:

Hope this helps,

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