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OSPF Load Balancing Between MPLS & MetroE

We are implementing a new WAN and trying to use OSPF Load Balancing between our central site and distribution center. Both circuits use eBGP between the provider's edge routers. These same routers redistribute between eBGP and OSPF. The provider's edge router is a 2821 and our core and distribution center switches are 6509s.

Currently, we are only using the MPLS connection. When both links are active the network replaces the MPLS connection with the MetroE link in the routing table. The redundant/load balancing connection is not established in the routing table. We have manually set the OSPF cost on all interfaces to 1.

When we initially activated the MetroE connection we were not receiving routes from the providers router, they were receiving routes from us. When they started advertising the 1.1.1.x network (eBGP network between their routers) we then received routes from them. It also caused our GRE tunnels to fail. These tunnels are attached to a 2nd 6509 at our central site.

OSPF Load Balancing seemed straight forward. What are we missing?


OSPF Load Balancing Between MPLS & MetroE

Do you have a diagram describe your current setup ?

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Re: OSPF Load Balancing Between MPLS & MetroE

See attached.

OSPF Load Balancing Between MPLS & MetroE

Do run the sops between the PE and 6509 in each siteb? If yes then the redistribution is done on the PE routers

Can you pist the bgp and ospf of the 6509 and the PEs

Also do show ip route when only the mpls link is upand when both are up and post it with the config here

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