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OSPF Load Balancing

hi just confuse abt some concepts....i know what load balancing is....but can some one plz tells me how we actually do load balancing in we have to do some extra configuration or its already there......cheers


Re: OSPF Load Balancing

You have to do absolutely nothing to enable equal-cost load balancing in OSPF. If a router has multiple equal-cost paths to an OSPF-learned destination, it will automatically load-balance over the two links.

By default, the router will load-balance over 4 links, but you can increase it to 6 using the 'maximum-paths 6' command under 'router ospf'.

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Re: OSPF Load Balancing

thanks for another question.......when chossing a routing protocol...when we use EIGRP and when we use OSPF and when we use IS-IS......plz help me out thanks for everything

Re: OSPF Load Balancing

Hi Friend,

It all depends on you and your network. OSPF and EIGRP both are vert stable and scalable protocols.

Advantage is OSPF is open protocol and eigrp is cisco protocol so incase if you have multivendor network eigrp is not a solution.

Rest both the protocol have thier own features to work and both are stable.

So I think if you think of your network as only cisco but may be in future you may plan to buy some other vendor router you must think of ospf now so that you need not go into complextity at later stage.

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