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New Member

Ospf Nssa with vrf not working

Hi all,


I have 3 routers. 

R1  Area 0 (advertising 2 loopbacks)

R2 Area 0 and Area (area border router)

R3 Area


Area is configured as a no so stubby area.

Ip ospf neighbours area UP (Full/DR/BDR)

From Area 0 to I want to advertise only LSA 7 default route.

R2#ip vrf test

R2#router ospf 1 vrf test

R2#area nssa default information-originate no-summary

R2#int fa 0/0

R2#description  area

R2#ip vrf forwarding test

R2#ip addr

R2#ip ospf 1 area


R3#ip vrf test

R3#router ospf 1 vrf test

R3#area nssa 

R3#int fa 0/0

R3#description  area

R3#ip vrf forwarding test

R3#ip addr

R3#ip ospf 1 area


R3 is not getting any default routes installed in the routing table. R2 advertises properly the LSA7 via sh ip ospf database but it is not installed in the routing table with a vrf setup.

Problem is that when I don't configure a vrf R3 is receiving a default LSA 7 route installed in the routingtable.


NSSA OK with NON vrf model

NSSA NOK with vrf model (interfaces, ospf process properly configured in the vrf name test)


Does anyone has some experience with this problem? I will post my GNS3 simulation with configs later on....


need some help here. Something for Cisco tac but you never know if somebody has already experienced this prob.

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Hi, this behavior should



this behavior should change when you apply capability vrf-lite command under the OSPF (VRF) process.


As per documentation, this command suppresses PE-specific checks (DN-bit and VPN-Tag); however, there is no PE/MPLS involved here so the real reason why R3 does not install the routes is hidden behind the following line:

"Note: The OSPF VRF process acts as an Area Border Router (ABR) when you configure 
an OSPF process that is associated with a VRF without the capability vrf-lite."


show ip ospf
 Connected to MPLS VPN Superbackbone, VRF TEST
 It is an area border router


R3 is a non-Backbone Internal Router but the default behavior of the OSPF process associated with a VRF makes it act as an ABR with a partitioned Area 0.

An ABR has to perform Inter-Area loop prevention checks. From RFC 2328 16.2:

If the router has active attachments to multiple areas, only backbone summary-LSAs are examined.


In theory, the partioned backbone area could be repaired by a virtual link, but this makes of course no sense at all.

So the solution for such scenarios is to stop the internal routers acting as ABRs, which can be acomplished with the capability vrf-lite command.




New Member

Hi Rolf - I found this link

Hi Rolf - I found this link while searching for a solution for my ospf stub area issue with vrf-lite.  The command "capability vrf-lite" fixed my issue.  Thanks!!!

New Member

Hi Guys, got this figured out

Hi Guys,


got this figured out 10 months ago for our customer. But never underestimate the power of a forum.

Thank you!


Kind Regards,


Jan Meylaers

I would like to thank you

I would like to thank you very much for your post. After a 4 hour straggle your post was helpful and insightful enough!!

New Member

Thank you, helped me as well.

Thank you, helped me as well.

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