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OSPF Route Manipulation

Hi everyone, I'm having trouble manipulating route selection accross 2 equal paths in my WAN environemnt. I want to make sure my Cat 3570 Stack always chooses RouterB as its default route and then when Router B fails it routes to Router A. Once Router B is avaiable again it would reconverge back to Router B. I dont want to use HSRP I want to controll all of this through OSPF on all three devices with metric manipulation. The reason I want to do this is I have 2 diffrent ISPs and one has a better latency thus choosing router B would always be optimal. My ospf is simple and basic so there is really no config post neccessary. I'm just trying to discover how I can do this. The only way I found is to clear the ospf process on one router then all the routes failover to the other but thats more of a manual change then automatic. Furthermore I cant seem to control the inbound path. Sometimes when my other wan sites send traffic it goes out one path and returns on another. Please help. Thanks guys


Re: OSPF Route Manipulation

You can configure router B to originate the default as a type1 route and configure router A to originate it with the default metric type (type1). This will make sure the type1 path is always chosen.

Eg. on router B

router ospf 100

default-information originate metric-type 1

To comment on the inbound path we need to know more about your topology.



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