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OSPF Route Redistribution from vlan subnets from the switch

Hi friends,

I have four sites which are now connected by MPLS connection.Each site is connected to the provider on a /30 mask ip address,One IP address on the CE side and on the PE side.An OSPF in configured on the Cisco 2811 router connecting to the service provider on each site.As instructed by the service provider,configured point to point ospf networks on the interface connecting to the provider.

In Each site i have a voice and data network.The router is on the data network.The voice network is on a Vlan on a different vendor managable L3 switch.In my previous setup i used to use all static routing.The internet is consolidated on one of the site with checkpoint firewall and isa proxy.In Ospf for some reason i am not able to get the voice vlan on the switch not reflecting on the other site even though i tried redistributing connected subnets and also my default route for my internet connection is not going thru from one site to the consolidated site.

Please advice on how to move forward.


Re: OSPF Route Redistribution from vlan subnets from the switch


if I understand correctly, you are using a static route on each CE router to reach your voice subnet through an L3 switch on the site?

Then you should redistribute your static routes to OSPF on each CE router.

You might also use "default-information originate" OSPF command on your consolidated site CE router to advertise the default route to OSPF. But if a proxy is used for your Internet access, just proper settings on user browsers (proxy address) should be enough.



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Re: OSPF Route Redistribution from vlan subnets from the switch


I tried redistributing static and default subnet what you said before also but then it didnt work since i put redistribution of static and default route on all routers which made a loop.Now today i put it correctly on the routers which the static and default needs to be redistributed and it started working.Thanks for your post.



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