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OSPF Routing Help

Hi friends...

I'm trying to accomplish a few things at a site and I'm not sure which path I need to take - OSPF, static, HSRP, etc.

In the attached diagram you will see the layout.

First - I'm trying to get the traffic between router B and A to talk to each other through the ethernet side of things. IE, if I do a trace route from Router B to, it will traverse the WAN instead of going out the e 0/0. I can't seem to nail down the proper route statements for this. I've tried static as well. I must be missing something or making it more complicated than it is.

Second, If the WAN t1 fails on Router A, I'd like all ethernet traffic to start traversing the load-balanced links on Router B. I've setup HSRP, so I think that is a first step.

Any help pointing to docs or statements would be great.



VIP Purple

Re: OSPF Routing Help


the reason your traffic from Router A to Router B goes through the WAN link is that the Ethernet interfaces on both routers are not on the same subnet. You need to configure both Ethernet interfaces with an IP address from the same subnet. I guess the easiest way to change your configuration is to change the IP address of the Ethernet0 interface on Router B to e.g.

With regard to the failover, you could use interface tracking on Router A:

standby 1 track Serial1/0:0.1

and change the standby 1 priority of Router A to 105.

What will happen is that when Serial1/0:0.1 goes down, the priority will decrease by 10, and Router B will become the active router.

Does that make sense ?



New Member

Re: OSPF Routing Help

Hi GP,

Always back to the basics! Ah ha.

Thanks for pointing that out. Is it possible to have a secondary IP address on the Ether 0 on router B be in the same subnet as Router A?

I will also look into interface tracking for the failover.

Thanks. Jesse

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