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OSPF unequal load sharing

1) How can i do unequal load balancing in OSPF,

2) What is difference between process switching & fast switching and CEF.


Re: OSPF unequal load sharing

Process Switching:here router will perform a route table lookup and select an interface and then look for data link layer it is working on perpaket load sharin all packets to the same destination are not send to same interface...

Fast Switching:here router will do table lookup for the first packet and select the exit interface and collect the necessory datalink layer information...and then after for each subsequent packet are directly tranfer to the exit interfac instad of doing table look up for each and every time...

CEF: its like fast switchig and by default use the per destination load sharing...CEF maintain two table FIB forwarding information base which is same as the routing table and adjcancy table which is having datalink layer addresses...In CEF first packet is routed using the table look up and then subsequent packet are tranfer without table look up ...

and i you will not have unequal load balancing in OSPF...

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Re: OSPF unequal load sharing

The only way to achieve load balancing for paths that, in normal circumstances, have unequal cost is to override the unequal cost condition. I mean, you have to configure router so that it appears that the paths have the same cost. OSPF does not support unequal cost load sharing.



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