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OSPF with redundant STATIC routes

Hi Guys,

I have a question....

We have a dev center and a data center that  are connected over MPLS

we are bringing a DS3 line and making it a primary line between the  data and the dev center.

data center already runs an OSPF instance (zone) between several nexus/brocade switches and ASA firewall and a static route for all internal networks to point to the MPLS  ( point to MPLS RTR).

Dev center just has a static routes.

I want to create another OSPF zone  in the dev center (zone 1) and connect it to the zone 0 over teh DS3 line ...

as i see it we will keep the MPLS as a redundant connection  just by lowering the changing the ADMIN cost of the static route while it is  redistributed in to the OSPF on both sites.....I will subnet one /24 network between the sites and routers over the ds3 line...

see topology attached....

I want to make sure nothing bites me in my a** with this implementation...

does that makes sense? or does anyone has better design ideas?

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