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ospfv3 NSSA forward adress


need help regarding following Lab


area 0                      area 1 NSSA

in above topology R3 redistribution loop0 2003:3::3/64 in nssa

now on R2 type 7 lsa shoud be transelated to 5. wen P bit is set with forwarding address of R3's int fa0/0

and another case Type 7 lsa shd b with P bit clear

how to accomplish this task

wen i did this lab am unable to see forward address field in at R2 

R2#sh ipv os da nssa-external 

            OSPFv3 Router with ID ( (Process ID 1)

                Type-7 AS External Link States (Area 1)

  Routing Bit Set on this LSA
  LS age: 1871
  LS Type: AS External Link
  Link State ID: 0
  Advertising Router:
  LS Seq Number: 80000003
  Checksum: 0x5747
  Length: 36
  Prefix Address: 2003:3::
  Prefix Length: 64, Options: P
  Metric Type: 2 (Larger than any link state path)
  Metric: 20 

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