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PA-T3 Loopback Issues

I have a 7206VXR/NPE400 with a PA-T3 module in it.

I'm trying to put a loopback up towards the service provider so that they can do head-to-head testing. In interface configuration mode, I issue a 'loopback network line' command, but the provider tells me they never see the loop. I have also tried 'loopback network payload', with no luck.

Anyone have a clue why this is? I have done ' loopback local' and it works fine, I've tested to the loop.

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Re: PA-T3 Loopback Issues

Is the encapsulation on the serial set to HDLC? If so, the provider should see the loop. If they do not it could point to an issue on the T3 itself.

Re: PA-T3 Loopback Issues

Yes, the encapsulation is set to HDLC. The T3 works fine most of the time, but we get lots of errors in spurts every 10-12 hours.

Here's the interface config:

interface Serial3/0

ip address [removed]

ip route-cache flow

dsu bandwidth 44210

framing c-bit

cablelength 10

serial restart-delay 0


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Re: PA-T3 Loopback Issues

How can u get loop over the Logical interface

Re: PA-T3 Loopback Issues

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