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Packet drops


I am having two Cisco router 1841 router having MPLS connectivity and 1721 router having DLS internet. This two routers are connected back to back please see the attachment for connectivity. From internet router I am able to ping google without issue but I am getting packet drops in 1821 router while ping the google. From 8141 router I am able to reach the 1721 router with out issue. Only facing problem while pinging internet from 1841. HSRP configured 1841 router is primary router. Please any one help me .


Re: Packet drops

1.First thing see the traceroute via. MPLS link

2.See the reliability of MPLS link in "show interface "

3.Clear the counters of MPLS interface & and monitor the MPLS interface for errors,packet drops,CRC etc.

4.After clearing the interface still errors are there or reliability is not 255/255 , then you need to speak to MPLS service provider & inform him that you are gettings packet drops.

I could not open the MDI file, can you attach in JPEG format.

HTH...rate if helpful..

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Re: Packet drops


Since you are doing from the actual router, do what stish says, do a traceroute to see the path of the traffic.

If you have your circuit with AT$T they have an online tool that allows you to run test on your circuit by yourself. It is called Business Direct.

After you have checked the counters in the actual interface, proceed to run a test in your circuit.

Also, when you do a traceroute from the inside what results do you get? how is the traffic going out?

I hope it helps, thanks.

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Re: Packet drops

Hi ,

Thanks for your response. The things is MPLS is working fine. That MPLS is for my branch office there is no internet in MPLS link. I am getting packet drops while ping internet ip from 1841 router. It seems there is no proper communication between r1 and r2. by mistake I have enabled ip nat translation max-entries vfc so that I got packet drops . I have removed that command from r2 . now everything's working fine

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