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Path to the Internet

If I want a path to the internet, I should have public ip addresses and that will be assigned to me by the ISP.

If I don't want to use the ISP public ip addresses. i.e. ISP's backbone ... then how can I make a path to the internet.

Can I buy the ip addresses directly from IANA/RIPE ... to go to the internet

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Re: Path to the Internet


I am not sure that I understand your question. Having a public address is not enough. Even if you did acquire a public address without an ISP you would still need a physical link and some kind of routing logic (might be dynamic routing protocol or might be static routes), and you would need the ISP's backbone to be able to get traffic to the Internet.

Your question sounds like you are asking how to connect to the Internet without an ISP. Perhaps you can clarify your question and if so perhaps we can find an answer.



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Re: Path to the Internet

Is it a must that you have to use the ISPs backbone to get to the internet ?.

For e.g. say I don't like the ISP's near my place. They are not offering the quality I require. So what do I do ?.

And say that I have all the networking equipments and physical links with me.

Still I should use an ISPs backbone. Cannot I buy the ip addresses from RIPE/IANA??


Re: Path to the Internet

Ips from IANA is fine but the world has to know where your IPS are present so you will have to peer with someone and advertise your IPs to the internet. So yes the ISPs near ur place are indispensable, what matters is the way you peer with them.


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