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Pathcode violations on newly provisioned PRI

I have serveral AS5350 routers serving PRIs from serveral Telcos. Recently I was tasked to bring up several PRIs from a CLEC. The CLEC breaks out a DS3, which is handed off to two other carriers before we get it. The last carrier breaks it out into 28 channels on a Cisco 15310 and hands the DS1 circuits off to us on a DSX1. We have carrier with no line code violations and no frame errors, but we keep getting interitant bursts of error secs and pathcode violations. Anybody got any idea what is going on? Is it a clocking issue, or a problem with the 5350 talking to the originating CLEC ISDN switch?

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Re: Pathcode violations on newly provisioned PRI

Hi Ankur

The line code and framing are good. I don't see line code violations. Just path code violations and error secs. Essentially CRCs, and only with this CLEC. I do not have this problem with any PRIs established with other Telcos. It's like a TDM issue, some clocking problem, or possibly a problem between my 5350 and their ISDN switch, which is a UNISPHERE SMX2100

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