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PBR and Netapp snap mirror

I have a bizarre situation where I apply PBR to re-route traffic to a different next hop ip and get bad performance on a particular App. I can do a direct copy over the link and get a full burst of the line. If I apply PBR to a Netapp Snap Mirror session, I can only achieve a  throughput of 64kbs. not applying the PBR to the Snapmirror traffic and it goes through fine

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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Re: PBR and Netapp snap mirror


There is not much detail here to work with but I have a couple of ideas.

- is it possible that applying PBR is producing assymetric traffic - outbound traffic on one link but response traffic on another link? Perhaps PBR on both ends might improve performance?

- is it possible that your route map is identifying only part of the traffic (does the traffic perhaps use different port numbers for some of the traffic or something else) so that only part of the Snap Mirror traffic is being handled by PBR?

- is it possible that there is something on the link used by PBR that is impacting performance (some bottleneck somewhere)?



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Re: PBR and Netapp snap mirror

Hi - thanks for the response

the traffic is flowing one way only. Ive set up a manual copy and it goes across the link ok. It is only when it is snapmirror specific that the problem occurs

It possibly may not be matching - although I am using an acl that determines the source IP address and Dest IP address and no port specified

That is the only traffic going across the link

The Cisco Router has three interfaces. One to the internal LAN, one to one ISP and one to another ISP. there are three IP Addresses on the router and Im applying PBR on the LAN interface and re-directing to the WAN Interfaces via next hop ip address.

Kind Regards

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