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PBR VRF selection vs VRF-aware NAT

OK, here's a mind-bender.  It's for a temporary test setup so you'll have to indulge a really

poor topology.

Suppose you have 2 VRFs.  Each has a overloaded NAT pool set up.  A packet comes in on

a "nat inside" interface in VRF1, but is is sent over to VRF2 with a route-map "set vrf" statement.

The question is, which NAT pool does this end up in, the one in VRF1 or the one in VRF2?

I suspect the answer is VRF2's NAT pool, but it never hurts to ask.

Also, suppose (just for giggles) the same thing were to happen on returning traffic.

The traffic would come in on a "nat outside" interface in VRF2, but then got route-mapped

to VRF1.  Would it find it's state table entry in the VRF2 nat pool or get squashed by trying

to enter the VRF1 NAT pool?  I suspect the answer is the latter...

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