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!!! PDLM problems on 7200 !!!

I have a TAC case open on this but I thought I would float it here, too.

IOSver advipservices 12.4.11T

platform 7200/NPE-G1

I am adding a pdlm for sap-app on a 7200.

when the pdlm is loaded (other than at boot time) some very bad things happen.

The symptom is that my configuration changes. e.g. in an existing class-map, a config line that previously said "match protocol eigrp" now says "match protocol ipinip"

I suspect that that nbar keeps a table of protocols in memory and adding the new pdlm causes the index to change resulting in these symptoms.

Anyone else seen this? If it is a known bug is there a code version where it is fixed?


Re: !!! PDLM problems on 7200 !!!


Yes, PDLMs are installed in a flash memory, Cisco routers and Switches do recognize PDLMs by looking into the Payload of the Data at the layer-3 header.

I am not exactly sure about this symbtoms, but it's strange because it identifies the application signature rather than TCP/IP port number.

Pls let us know the feedback from TAC,



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Re: !!! PDLM problems on 7200 !!!

here is a synopsis of what i sent tac for the curious

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Re: !!! PDLM problems on 7200 !!!

The new Bug ID assigned to this issue is


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Re: !!! PDLM problems on 7200 !!!

DE made the situation worse by ignoring it...

Same bug has now surfaced on the 2800 platform in code c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T4.bin.

I assume 3800 is similarly affected.

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