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Per packet load sharing

Dear All,

Just would like verify that if I enable per-packet sharing (by enabling: ip load-sharing per-packet and ip cef) at both serial interfaces, I know that it will effect all the outbound traffic as load-balancing, how about inbound traffic? what can i do for the inbound traffic work as load-balancing as well?

Thank you for any idea!

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Re: Per packet load sharing


You have much more control over how you treat outbound traffic. The control of inbound traffic is mostly up to whatever is on the other end of the serial links (and to some extent dependent on whether you have administrative control over the other router or not). If you are running a dynamic routing protocol like EIGRP you might be able to use offset lists to make one group of networks or subnets look more favorable over the first serial link and another group of networks or subnets look more favorable over the second serial link.



Re: Per packet load sharing

If the scenario is of intranet where u hv full control of routers, then equal costs on links could help provided u r running dynamic routing protocol.

But if its an ISP, then u cant do much about it. You may request service provider for similar configuration at his end, if he does which is a rare case then u r through.

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