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Periodic slow downs

We have a remote and host site connected via a frame relay cloud. The remote site is a new location and is running a newly purchased 1721 router.

The site runs good until a moderate load is placed on the circuit then it slows down significantly. This site is configured no differently than the 10 other sites attached to this frame cloud. Looking at the remotes interface stats show it's hardly being used in terms of load. The average ping response is 80 ms, but it jumps over 800ms during something as little as downloading an antivirus update from our Intranet server.

The remote site is running 12.4(1a), which I do see a bunch of bugs reported on the Cisco site. I plan on downgrading this router to the 12.3(??) release but wanted to see if anyone thinks this could be the problem.

I am seeing no errors on the interface and as mentioned above, the TX and RX load is well below 100/255.

Any thoughts on this?

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Re: Periodic slow downs


In my experience with issues similar to what you describe one factor to consider is duplex settings. Can you verify that the duplex is the same on end stations and switch ports and on switch ports and connected router ports (and verify that if one end of a connection sets speed or duplex that both ends set speed and duplex)? Also is there any possibility that your new 1721 is doing half duplex and other locations are doing full duplex?

I have also seen situations where response time degraded when under some load if there were more than one available path and per packet load balance was used.



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