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PfR Question

I am not familiar withPfR and looking for a solution to help control some inbound traffic without using AS-Prepending.

What I am looking to do is load share across 2 different providers.  So if I send traffic out one link it is possible based on the best path back to go across the other link.  What I am looking to do is put some sort of controls in place to help direct the traffic without saturating one link over the other from an ingress point.

Does PfR provide this functionality for not only egress but also ingress?

Any links, sample configs, docs would be great.



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PfR Question

This is a great starting point:


PfR Question

Thanks Edison, this is a good start to help with a easier to understand read versus the other "Cisco Press" type links I have been reading that are good detail but not exactly what I was looking for.

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Re: PfR Question


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If I remember correctly, PfR can load balance inbound, but doing so is liable to require cooperation from your providers.  (If your doing something like PfR across a private cloud, it's better to just have both sides do egress balancing [this can also be done with OER].)

PfR Question

PfR, therefore, is configured and addresses the path selection from server to client over two or more links to typically multiple ISPs. It's also possible to load-balance on ingress using BGP.

hope this help

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