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PfR3 Branch configuration


Anyone working with PfR3?  I have a simple set up of one 3945 as HUB and one 3945 as Branch with two links between them. i have the HUB configured as MC and BR with 2 exits and it seems to be working.  In the branch site I can't get t the branch site up.

On the branch i also configured the MC and BR on the same device , but in PfR3 , as I understand it, one does not define on the BR the exit wan links.

Rather the MC in the branch is supposed to talk to the MC in the HUB and get the information on its own.

I have two DMVPN tunnels up and EIGRP working over the tunnels. I have ping from branch to hub.


However PfR on branch seems to not peer with MC in the hub. Don't know why.

is anyone working with Pfr3 who could shed some light?


Thanks for the help




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