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Pix help

I need some help getting to another network that is located on the outside interace of a cisco pix 501

Let me see if I can explain this the best I can.

Right now my ip is with a mask of

My default gateway is which is a cisco 2600 router that is connected via a point to point to another location that also has a cisco 2600 router. The interface on that router is

On the subnet I have a cisco pix 501 which connects to a vendors lan.

The inside interface on the pix is and the outside interface is

My question is how to I access a device or ping a device that is located on the 10.59.1 subnet?

What seems logical to me is to put in a static route on my local router and point it to the inside interface on the pix. Is this best practice? Will it even work?

What would be the best way to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Pix help


Your logic is correct . Adding a static route in the remote router pointing to the Pix is fine. Similarly add a static route for the Vendors lan in your local router pointing to the point to point link .And also a route in the remote router for ur Local network .

I think PIX config is taken care ( acls and others )

Hope this helps


vanesh k

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