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PIX with SonicWall

In my previous job we used a SonicWall as our firewall and web content device. Since the PIX515E doesn't do content filtering (I can't afford websense!) I was wondering, could I somehow string the PIX and SonciWall together? Or should I work on eliminating the PIX, as we really need the content filtering stuff. Is there anyway to tell the PIX to send all http requests to the Sonic so it could filter? I will need to review my PIX config, make sure it is not doing anything quirky with the VOIP phones and such.

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Re: PIX with SonicWall

Confuring an Accees List on the interface connecting to Sonic Firewall.Command fixup protocol http 80 helps in configuring it.For more info refer


Re: PIX with SonicWall

The PIX does not provide a "on box" solution for content management. You can do this with as ASA with a AIP-CSC module or with a 2811 ISR with the NM-CE module. You would still need to subscribe to content filtering services from either Websense or Secure Computing's Smartfilter product. If memory serves me correctly, the Sonicwall content filtering requires a subscription also but is not nearly as robust as the solutions I mentioned.

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