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Planning to buy an Industrial Router & Need for a better network infrastruc

I am planning to buy an industrial Router, looking to come up with a better network infrastructure. What routers best fit this situation and do i need any other equipment? I looked at using VLAN's, Issues with VLAN, is there any way to allocate network bandwidth to each VLAN's [VOIP, LAN]? What type of VLAN best fit this situation, [PORT, MAC Address, Protocol Type or IP Subnet Address]. Early thank you for the replies, I am new to configuring networks just started reading about configuring CISCO ROUTERS, anything would be helpful.

Current Environment

- 2 DSL connections, one for VOIP and other with LAN

- VOIP ? 6 MB download and 1 MB of upload, have 8 static public IP?s

- LAN ? 6 MB download and 1 MB of upload, have 1 block of 4 static public IP?s and [1 block of 8 static public IP?s] ? not being used at this movement

Current setup

- VOIP modem connects to a switch which connect to a Dlink Router & PIX Firewall Serious

- LAN modem connects to the Dlink Router which connects to a Net gear Switch

- Both of the Dlink Router connects to a 24 port Lynksys SRW224p

- Port panel get connection from Lynksys and Net gear Switch

- PIX Firewall Serious is used to connect to the Third party hosting environment

- Currently all the RDP Session to hosting environment is routing via VOIP modem Internet & email is going via the LAN and QOS is turned on in the VOIP router to have priority

- Since, only one LAN Port available for each office VOIP and LAN is set up so that they share bandwidth.

Current Issue

- Can not conference in phones, phone is cutting off

- Very slow accessing hosted environment ? file servers, DB Servers, Web Servers and Production servers

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Re: Planning to buy an Industrial Router & Need for a better net


you can consider consolidating all the functions above, including the "serious PIX" in a 28xx or 38xx router. The choice of exact model is mostly dictated by budget, as probably any model will do. I recommend to put the ADSL (if this is what you refer as "LAN modem") into the router directly, this is done with an appropriate card.

The router can also connect analog phones using another appropriate hardware, but conferencing may require special configuration. The trend today is to use IP phone instead, the router can control them as well.

You can then use an external switch better if layer 3 enabled, again an often a budget dictated choice. The bigger routers can also incorporate the switch as wide form factor network module.

Consider the cost of all the above, including professional configuration, can be well beyond $5,000.

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Re: Planning to buy an Industrial Router & Need for a better net


Thank you for your message,

- The PIX we have is acting as Point-to-Point Devise, which can not be used for anything else other than accessing Hosting Envirnment.

- We do have IP, Phones..

I was thinking the following,

Getting a Cisco 1841 and 2 ASA 5505 to act as a firewall, would that make sence?



Do i need 2 ASA 5505, or just keep the D-Link that we currently have?

Can Cisco 1841 configured to act as a firewall, Route public IP's, Route Private IP's ?

I know 2821 for instant does support Voise, is it going to be a BIG Difference?

Why go with 2821 instead of 1841, how would that help the current sitivation that we are having?

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Re: Planning to buy an Industrial Router & Need for a better net

Technically speaking, you don't need the asa firewall. The router can do most of what ASA or PIX does, and many things more. It can route any IP and support voice at the same time.

You also don't need a 2821, because a 2801 or 2811 can do as well. I would avoid the 1841 because it does not support voice.

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New Member

Re: Planning to buy an Industrial Router & Need for a better net

Thank you for your quick email,

When you say it support Voice, to what extend it supports voise?

Sorry i am very new to networking, A third party service provider is responsible for the voise service. Can you please expand on "What kind of support for Voice is provided by 2801?"


What can we implement in the 2800 serious for voice?

When you say support are you talking about Call Manger/PDX?

Thanks for your post again, look forward to hear from you.

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