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Please help me decide

Here's my set up now:

4 webservers each with their own IP

They each go into a separate VPN router (like Linksys)

Each Linksys goes into a 3com Smart Switch

That goes to the cloud.


I'd like to replace all the individual routers with 1 appliance, and if possible replace all the routers AND the 3com with just 1 appliance.

Keep in mind:

I need remote access to all the boxes and the appliance.

I must have each server addressablle by its own IP (each one has its own certificate and .com address)

I have to be able to open or close individual ports going to each server independent of one another.

What are my options and what's the most economical way to go.

Please make this Networking 101, as I'm new in the field.



Re: Please help me decide


Take a look at the ASA.

Here's a comparison of the different models.

Depending on the amound of traffic you have, the 5505 or 5510 would do a nice job.

Hope this helps. If so, please rate the post.


New Member

Re: Please help me decide

I agree with Bob.

The ASA is a very good choice and is quite easy to setup. You can choose a GUI or a Command Line Interface. If you have an ethernet handoff from your provider then you can plug it right in and not use a router. If you have a T-1 that requires signaling you will still need a router.

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